Natural Gas Solutions

natural gas solutions
What does natural gas have in common with precious metals, orange juice and even grains?
They’re types of commodities that are bought and sold in the open market. And like all commodities, the best time to buy is when prices are low.

But low prices don’t last forever.

When prices are too low, gas producers are forced to cut costs due to lower revenues. When that happens, there’s less natural gas exploration and less gas being produced. Canada and the U.S. are also shipping out their natural gas all over the world, with exports rising 1200%* in the past few years. So as our supply reserves get depleted and demand goes up, then gas prices will soon follow. Or, when companies struggle with other challenges, like COVID-19, and can no longer afford to drill for oil, then by-products such as natural gas often see their prices rise.

*Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Gas prices are extremely volatile and can increase dramatically without warning as we’ve seen in the past.

lock your rates below the 15-year market average
Consumers have a unique opportunity to lock in their rates BELOW the 15-year market average and protect their bottom line.
Natural Gas

That’s why there is NO better time to protect your long-term gas pricing by speaking with an Energy Specialist from Western Wholesale Energy.

WWE is the only gas retailer to offer a Cancel Anytime Program for Small Business (for businesses that use 50,000 m3/year with 90 days’ written notice). This means that if you are not completely satisfied with the rate you are paying, simply let Western Wholesale Energy know and they will cancel your program with no hidden costs or fees.

Speak with one of our Energy Specialists today to find out more about our Cancel Anytime “Peace of Mind” gas program.